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Subject: Re: [dita] Attribute Specialization

Michael Priestley wrote:

>  > - I can restrict the use of the attributes to specific element types by
>  > simply not allowing them except on the elements I want to allow them on.
>  >
> No. The attributes are added as separate domains, and there's no support 
> in DITA 1.1 for dependencies between domains and structures (like 
> limiting the domain extensions to only some elements). It's a goal for 
> future releases, but the current design represents the most we could get 
> agreement on in the 1.1 timeframe.

I think I didn't say that very well. What I meant was: in the 
specialization modules I create I'm under no obligation to *allow* 
attributes from any particular domain.

I see that what I wrote could be construed as meaning a desire to 
prevent the attribute from being used *by others* on particular element 



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