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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Problem converting DB to PDF...

On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 12:15:04PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> I don't know if you've played around with OpenJade, but it's nice
> because I can do things on the cmdline such as:
>   -V%root-filename%=<name>
> rather than rely on things being set right in the SGML or XML file.

Yep.  More about that in a bit.

> > Given that I wanted the authors to be able to write
> > 
> >     <imagedata fileref="figure1" ... >
> > 
> > with no mention of the file's extension, the stylesheets would have had
> > to somehow work out when to add ".eps" and when to add ".halfsize.eps"
> > to the filename.
> >
> > [ Actually, I'm relying on TeX to add the .eps for me, so the
> > stylesheets would have to decide whether to leave the filename alone, or
> > whether to add .halfsize to the filename ]
> >
> > It's entirely feasible for a document to contain images where the source
> > format is a mix of PNG and EPS.  Anything that contains a mixture of
> > vector art and screenshots, for example.
> I'm not satisfied with that.  I am trying to assert a bit more
> control.  For instance, what if, for PDF output, you want your vector
> files rendered as PDF and the bitmap files rendered as PNG?  You're
> screwed.


As far as the *author* is concerned, they should be providing images in
one of two formats, EPS, or PNG, depending on whichever is most
appropriate.  In particular, they should *not* be providing me with the
same image in two different formats.

I don't care whether they use tgif, xfig, or some other tool to generate
these images -- the final format in which they are supplied is either

So for HTML output, we have to convert any supplied EPS files to PNG.

For PS output, we have to convert any supplied PNG files to EPS.

For PDF output, we have to convert any supplied EPS files to PDF.

The Makefiles (specifically, doc.images.mk) takes care of doing the

> Plus, what if the TeX folks decide to change the default?
> Kablooie, you have tons of broken files.

No.  As the first step *after* (Open)Jade has generated the .tex file we
prepend a line of TeX that makes sure the defaults are set to what we
expect them to be.

> > I understand that there are problems building OpenJade on the Alpha
> > platform, which is why the FDP hasn't switched yet from Jade to
> > OpenJade.  I don't know what those problems are.
> Fixed in CVS.  Debian has openjade for all arches.

My mistake.  It's Jade that has problems on alphas, not OpenJade.

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