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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: DocBook and JadeTex: Left and Right HeadersandFooters

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Think how easy it will all be when you switch to XSL FO, and have the
> choice of 5 or 6 different rendering engines, and even more possible
> output formats. When I see that FOP now has a PCL renderer,  and I see
> how easy it is to import HTML into Word, its hard to see what
> DSSSL/Jade buys you (apart from processing SGML, of course)
> Sebastian

I agree: but I switched to Apache FOP some months ago, just to discover that from
version 0.15 to version 0.16 the changes were of such magnitude that 
my XSL should be rebuilt. I would appreciate if somebody can describe
the (REAL) actual state of FOP.

Also: I can't use the Docbook DTD but at the cost of building a whole XSLT from scratch.
My docs are not Docbxml compatibles.

Also: After trying to learn Scheme, I must switch to XSLT. Ok, I wouldn't have a
big problem but, after all, I found the tools very unstable.

You mention 5 or 6 tools: I would appreciate a link to some site about them. For
the time being, I only know about FOP.

All this said, I reckon things and changing fast and I can't keep with it, but
I pray for some stable tool wich allows documentation generation and management.
I would pay for such tool if I can thorougly test it.


Juan R. Migoya


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