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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: <informaltable> with <title>

On Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 11:14:43AM -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
> / Baurjan Ismagulov <ibr@ata.cs.hun.edu.tr> was heard to say:
> | Well... I have informal tables with titles :) . For instance, users
> | writing <book>s are required to put their resumes in standard form at
> | the end of the book. I put the resume in an <article>. It contains three
> | tables: personal data, education and experience (the latter two with
> | titles). I don't want these to be listed in the LOT.
> But why are these tables? Couldn't they just be SimpleSects?

If they were, how should I render a document using SimpleSects with a
resume at the end? I mean, SimpleSects have some default presentation
form in your stylesheets which people rely upon. If they use SimpleSects
in the "main" text and in the resume, I will need to find a way to
render these differently; I don't see one.

> The fact that you want a tabular presentation doesn't mean the data is
> tabular.

Hmm... This is about absolute truth ;) . What does it mean for data to
be inherently tabular? For me, the data proper is tabular if it is 1NF
:) .

> | 1. I need to put a page with some text into a <book> right after the
> |    titlepage. It doesn't have a title. It should come before the TOC. It
> |    shouldn't show up in the TOC (currently I use an <article> inside the
> |    <book>, and it doesn't satisfy either condition).
> Is it the titlepage verso?


With kind regards,

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