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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Illegal Unit of Measure With xmlto Going to PDF

At 3:29 PM +0900 12/13/05, Michael Smith wrote:
>Harry Goldschmitt <harry@hgac.com> writes:
>>  At 12:27 PM +0900 12/13/05, Michael Smith wrote:
>>  >Harry Goldschmitt <harry@hgac.com> writes:
>>  >
>>  >> As far as I can tell the bad images were created with snapshot
>>  >> (ksnapshot?) on Linux.  The only difference between the "good" and
>>  >> "bad" pngs is that the ones have bounding boxes with 0,0 origins and
>>  >> the bad ones don't.  I have tracked the problems to passiveTeX where
>>  >> it has been reported since 2000.  However when I use xmlto fo, fop
>>  >> also has a problem with the pngs.
>>  >
>>  >As far as I know, xmlto uses Passivetex for generating PDF output,
>>  >not FOP.
>>  >
>>  Yes, but as a work around, I tried generating an fo.  I then ran fop
>>  with Jimi and it complained about bounding boxes with only the bad
>>  graphics.  OpenJade just worked.
>OK, I see what you're saying now.
>Have you tried opening the images in some other app -- the Gimp or
>whatever -- and then re-saving them? If you have many of them, I
>think you might be able to batch-convert/re-save them using
>   --Mike
>Michael Smith

Thanks for the suggestion.

I've tried both ImageMagick convert and Mac Graphic Convertor.  Tried 
saving in other formats, and processing them in the other format. 
Tried converting them back to pngs and reprocessing them in that.  I 
saw something on the net about bounding boxes and editing eps files 
by hand.  That's where I noticed that the bounding box for the bad 
images did not start at 0,0.  So I converted to eps and tried 
"normalizing" the bounding box to start at 0,0 and had no luck.

I ended up using convert -resize 400 to make the pngs scale properly 
for the page and then using docbook2pdf (openJade).  It worked.  I 
tried the resized images with xmlto and it was still broken.


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