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Subject: Failing to resolve olinkdb.xml

I'm trying to implement olink'ing in a set of documents for the
first time and encountering the following problem.

The test document structure is like this:

 |- valista_manual.xsl (customised layer)
 |- olinkdb.xml
     |- getting_started

However, when--from the above root directory--I run the following

xsltproc  --output administrator_guide.fo \
    --stringparam target.database.document "olinkdb.xml"  \
    --stringparam current.docid "administrator_guide" \
    valista_manual.xsl \

..then the output contains the following error:

warning: failed to load external entity 
Olink error: could not open target database 'olinkdb.xml'.

Why is the command looking for olinkdb.xml in the administrator_guide
directory rather than in the same directory as the command is run, can
anyone guess?




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