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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Source of Docbook + MathML -> PDF examples?

On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 05:18:34PM -0500, Chris Chiasson wrote:
> How are you creating your math? I'm using a computer algebra system
> (which is what I use to generate multiple forms of the same equation).
> The reason I ask is that if you don't use Mathematica or if you don't
> run it on 64 bit Gentoo, then you probably won't experience the same
> incompatibilities that I have. Even if you do use a proprietary XSL-FO
> processor, you can always switch back to FOP once FOP improves enough.

    Up to this point, all we've put into Docbook is our man pages. I
wrote some Perl to compile the eqn source directly into MathML as part
of the nroff->Docbook conversion.

    For the API specification documents, we'll be dealing with
conversion of math in LaTeX or Word docs, and writing expressions of
comparable complexity in new documents. Mostly they are just linear
algebra - you can get a sense of how complex from pp. 41-50 of


    I don't think we'd be using Mathematica for this. itex or something
similar seems better matched to the task.


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