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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Font used for hyphenation-character

Geraint North wrote:

>> WHich assumes all your readers have that font available?
>> the \ character is (IMHO) far more generally used for this purpose.
>> If you add a note as to its use prior to the first usage in the document
>> you may save trouble for readers and clarify any misunderstandings.
> Yes - Zapf Dingbats is one of the 14 base fonts that are guaranteed to 
> be available for PDF files - unless your experience suggests otherwise?  
> It certainly always seems to have been fine for me.

I find that surprising.
Guaranteed by whom? The acrobat reader? The PDF 'standard'?
What of people who use other readers?
I hadn't realised PDF files 'carried' fonts.

With such an odd character I guess you'll still have to explain it for 
your readers? That is means the line continues... and should all be on 
one line.


Dave Pawson

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