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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Using xep with fo output, font family selection.

Hi Dick.

Dick Hamilton wrote:
> Dave,
> Pretty much all of the font information can be set with
> parameters, so you don't need a customization in most
> cases.  Parameters like body.font.family, title.font.family,
> and so forth, can be set on the command line for the xslt
> processor.

My customization layer seems right for that.
I wasn't sure about it being 'passed on' such that xep
picks up the appropriate font.

> XEP fonts are set in the xep.xml file. If you look inside
> the default file, you will see examples that are pretty
> clear. It shouldn't be any problem to set that file up
> to point to the fonts on your system.

Thanks. It did.
   I needed to find M$ Arial unicode (ttf) variant,
then it all went through well.

Now working fine.

Thanks Dick


Dave Pawson

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