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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] slides: how to balance presentation and content

DavePawson wrote:
> I was referring to the use of tables.

Oh I see. I guess Justus was suggesting a way to emulate (part of) the 
desired layout capabilities by means of existing markup.
I agree that tables are a bit hackish (as they are in most cases in HTML).

> Plain divs, correctly sequenced, are comprehensible via any reader,
> CSS or not. Just down to the author to write the content in
> an appropriate order so that CSS enhances visual and does nothing
> negative to audio presentation.

Exactly. And my suggestion to introduce some new 'box' markup was 
precisely meant to provide hooks similar to HTML divs, so somewhere else 
an appropriate layout could be attached to it. To keep it minimally 
invasive, it could be restricted to be direct children of 
foil/foilgroup, so no actual DB vocabulary would be affected by it.



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