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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] revisit: putting together a docbook 5.0 toolchainfor linux

On 07.01.2010 23:03, Jared Smith wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-01-07 at 09:14 -0500, Eric Johnson wrote:
>> You could try the stuff at http://forgedp.fusesource.org/. It is all
>> open source. It is Saxon based and uses ant to drive the process.
> A more robust toolchain called Publican is already in Fedora (and
> heavily used by Red Hat).  It's the best DocBook tookchain I've come
> across (include the two or three I've written myself over the past few
> years), it is entirely open source. Publican also makes it fairly easy
> to build your own branding for documents.  It doesn't yet support
> DocBook 5, but it may be easier to start there rather than re-inventing
> the wheel.
> -Jared Smith
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I'm evaluating ant-docbook at the moment and this seems to be all I need 
for my purposes; at least at the moment. For those who are interested 
have a look at http://pub.admc.com/howtos/ant-docbook-howto/

I wasn't aware of Publican and will give it a try although I'm not using 
Fedora (does not run too well on my notebook) but there shouldn't be too 
much magic involved in using it on Karmic. Thanks for the tip anyway :).


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