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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] images scaling problem for print output

> what do you mean by the actual size in the printed output? ;-)
> -> Currently, all my images are streched to the available page width.
> But I want my images to look in the pdf exactly as they have looked
> before on the screen... not scaled to 120% or 80% but 100%(not
> scaled).

Which screen? Your 32" or the 15"?

-> OK, you got a point there. Of course, the images look differently depending on the size/resolution of the screen.

The difference is that screens talk in pixels (related to screen size)
whereas printers talk in terms of inches. The two only relate when
you fix the screen resolution and size?

-> My problem, on the other hand, is that all  images are stretched to page width, no matter if they have the size of a stamp or a telephone.
That does not seem to be a "dots per inch problem" because all images then should vary in size by the same factor, right? For example, the book about Subversion (also using docbook), found here:


seems to have the same problem. All images look slightly blurry due to the (probably undesired) scaling.


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