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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: [docbook] DocBook Slides 5.0 beta1 available for testing

Em 18-08-2012 20:13, Justus-bulk@Piater.name escreveu:
> This is important to me because I use speakernotes for material that I
> do not show on the slides but develop on the board and/or in dialog with
> students (which, I think, is well within the semantics of "speaker
> notes").  "Anywhere" speakernotes allow me to place the content exactly
> where it belongs.  I also produce booklet output from the slides for the
> students that do include the speakernotes; thus, it is very important
> that the content appear in the right place.

Isn't handoutnotes more appropriate for that? Currently, it is defined
like speakernotes but the semantical meaning is different. I'll modify
the schema to allow both scattered.


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