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Subject: [docbook-apps]GSoC 2013 idea: Using client-side XSLT

Hi all,

For last week I'm working on the project idea of "Creating interactive web help output using client-side XSLT"[1]. As I think the major target of this project is to connect docbook style sheets with Saxon-CE. So I managed to download docbook xslt2.0 style sheets from github and connect them to Saxon-CE using customized style sheets.

Now I created a working code which can inject TOC of a document to a html page using Saxon-CE. But now I'm having some practical issues

1. In saxon-ce, it transforms xstl 2.0 style sheets at client side. Even I used customized style sheets it is needed to load all docbook style sheets to the browser. It takes a lot of time and in some cases browser crashes. So I think using existing  2.0 stylesheets are not going to work for this project.

2. In my opinion it is need to write a light weight style sheet from the beginning instead of that large chunk of files, that can be passed to Saxon-CE. But it is like re writing docbook style sheets. It is better if it be single style sheet without set of "includes or imports" so that we can improve the performance. 

So now I'm stuck at this point. Do you have any idea better than this to get an approach to this project. 


W.Dimuthu Upeksha

Department of Computer Science And Engineering

University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

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