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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Show off what you've done with Docbook

Hi Eric,

On Mon, 14 Sep 2015 09:07:09 +0200
Eric Streit <eric@yojik.eu> wrote:

> [...]
> My documents are bilingual documents with specific needs like
> diacritics (these are languages lerning documents).
> I tried the "normal" toolchain: docbook->fop--> pdf and html.
> I went into some problems:
> * the diacritics are not at the right place, depending of the font
> used.

Which encoding do you use?

I would recommend to use UTF-8 throughout your files, especially if you
use bilingual documents with diacritics.

Have you checked your fonts for all the diacritics? It is NOT enough if
your XML code contains it, your fonts have to support it as well.

Try it with a different font, for example, from SIL:

> * long list tend to overlapp the footers.
> * hyphenation only works for one language (and my documents get at
> least 2 languages)

Have you set the language attribute?

Use "lang='en'" (DocBook 4) or "xml:lang='en'" (DocBook 5) to set the
language to English. If you have paragraphs which are written in a
different language, use the language attribute as well here.

If your hyphenation patterns are correctly installed, this should give
you correct hyphenated linebreaks.

> [...]

Hope this gives you some ideas where to search. :)

    Thomas Schraitle

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