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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Show off what you've done with Docbook

On 2015-09-14 03:07, Eric Streit wrote:
I tried DBLaTeX: the output is better, but it's only docbook 4.

Not sure what you mean here. You mean you're still working in DB4? I vaguely recall that we started out using dblatex with DB4 before we moved to DB5. At any rate we've been using dblatex with DB5 for a long time. I *think* dblatex still handles DB4, but I haven't tried it for years (if at all).

Some of the above problems were solved using DBLaTeX, but the output
needs some adjustements: maybe new styles ....

No doubt. Fortunately and unfortunately, there's a huge number of pages on the web about formatting LaTeX documents to look like nearly anything you can imagine. FWIW, I would recommend using xelatex, rather than vanilla latex, because xelatex (often referred to as xetex: xetex is to xelatex as tex is to latex) handles Unicode UTF-8 out of the box. Almost all LaTeX packages can be used in XeLaTeX (the ones that can't are mostly ones that do something special with non-unicode characters). dblatex will output xe(la)tex-conformant code if you give it the command line parameter
    -b xetex

   Mike Maxwell

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