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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Including OS Version information on DocBook elements

-On [19991221 18:25], Fred L. Drake, Jr. (fdrake@acm.org) wrote:
> > represent information that is only appropriate for one release of the code,
> > or a limited range of releases, comes up occasionally.  The common link is
> > The last time we discussed this, the general consensus was to add three
> > attributes to every element in DocBook in our customisation layers.
> > 
> >     osversionmin
> >     osversionmax
> >     osversionequal
>  This is probably pretty reasonable.  My concern is that the
>attribute names imply that the constructs are only useful for OS
>versioning.  I think this is likely to be useful for any large system; 
>perhaps different names should be chosen?
>  You may also want an attribute that allows specific version labels
>(NMTOKENS instead of NMTOKEN); perhaps "versionequal" should be

Sorry if I ask a question that might be staring me in the face from your
text (but I am not deep into DSSSL and relevant stuff, just DocBook and
the tools).

How will we make sure the version get their relevant info to make those
decisions about what to include or not?

Nik's solution involved a Makefile system with scripts.  With the above
I reckon you want to integrate it into DSSSL or relevant tools?

Did I sound confused enough? ;)

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven/Asmodai           asmodai@[wxs.nl|bart.nl]
Documentation nutter.          *BSD: Technical excellence at its best...  
The BSD Programmer's Documentation Project <http://home.wxs.nl/~asmodai>
Once sent from the Golden Hall...

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