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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: XInclude vs. external entities (Re: The best way to'include' parts...)

/ Janning Vygen <vygen@gmx.de> was heard to say:
| ok, you are right in this point. If i include a fiel a lots of time 
| with XInclude and ichange its location i have to change the url in 
| every href attribute of XInclude.

If I was going to use XInclude in my own system, I'd use URNs and allow
the URI resolver to get the right filename:

  <xi:include href="urn:publicid:-:Norman+Walsh:Document+My+File:EN"/>

Indirection is a good thing!

| Question: Can I use XMLCatalog with XInclude. Dont know much about 
| XMLCatalogs but i think you can do a url to filename mapping with it. 
| If xou could use it together with XInclude then you get back the 
| "level of indirection"


| Another important advantage of XInclude is the possibility to put 
| doctype declaration in the modular doc to validate it seperatly from 
| the main document AND you can use entites in each file which is not 
| possible within external entities. 

Yes, that's a win.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | 'tis expressly against the law of
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | arms: 'tis as arrant a piece of
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | knavery, mark you now, as can be
                                   | offer't; in your conscience, now,
                                   | is it not?--Fluellen, Henry V

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