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Subject: Re: [docbook] Page References with Page Numbers

fips wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks. 
> I have read the mentioned page already, but I have not found a tool to
> generate the olinkdb.xml-File.

AFAIK that is a manual task. I.e. you need to automate it.
(Let's see if Bob comes in on this one)

> This must be automated, because I have a) too many single documents and b)
> too many changes per week in the structure. It's impossible to generate this
> olinkdb.xml-File by hand. 

Then look at the syntax of the olink file and see if you
can generate it using xslt?

> Any Ideas?
> The second question that goes with that together is still open:
> How to generate Pagenumbers, Titles and Chapternumbers in the PDF output?
> How do I have to edit/expand the XSL/FO or FO/PDF stylesheets?

I'm less sure on this, but I *think* that will be done
automatically when the 'book' is joined together to create the
xsl-fo file, prior to creating the PDF? I.e. the page numbers
are generated at the formatter (fo to pdf) stage?



Dave Pawson

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