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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook SGML article and titlepage, + remove header

Mauritz Jeanson writes:

> |  -----Original Message-----
> |  From: Lars "Bjørndal" 
> |  
> |  > I need some help to adjust the PDF output from an DocBook XML file.
> |  > Look at the following PDF:
> |  >
> |  >   
> |  <http://lamasti.net/files/pub/progoppsett/manual/progoppsett-1.0.pdf>
> |  >
> |  > I want two changes to be made:
> |  >
> |  > 1) The logo image should be at bottom of page, rather than 
> |  just below
> |  >    the text.
> |  
> |  Could someone please help me figuring this out? I want the 
> |  image to be placed at the left bottom of the title page.
> This looks like a straightforward question. I cannot answer it, but I hope
> someone else can. Questions about the DSSSL stylesheets and Jade are rare
> indeed, and it seems that few people use these technologies nowadays. That
> is perhaps the main reason for the lack of responses to your question.
> Have you considered switching to XSLT and XSL-FO? 

Well, I've read this article:

Here, it's recommended to use xmlto to convert documents to several
formats. About PDF output, however, the following is stated:

  "Unfortunately, xmlto currently produces unattractive PDF files, but
  there are alternatives available. The docbook2* script wrappers may be
  useful in this regard. These helper scripts use openjade to convert
  DocBook source into other formats. If you have the ghostscript package
  installed, try these commands to generate a more readable PDF output:

  cbook2ps my-docbook-file.xml
  ps2pdf my-docbook-file.ps"


To even get the image to show up in the title page, I've put the
following lines in my custom dsl file:

<style-specification id="print" use="docbook">

(define (article-titlepage-recto-elements)
  (list (normalize "title") 
	(normalize "subtitle") 
	(normalize "pubdate")
	(normalize "corpauthor") 
	(normalize "authorgroup") 
	(normalize "author") 
	(normalize "authorblurb")
	(normalize "affiliation")
	(normalize "honorific")
;	(normalize "copyright")
	(normalize "mediaobject")

Is there another way to specify that the image should be one of the
title page elements, which says it should be placed at the bottom left?
E.g. could the word "normalize" be exchanged with some other command, or
something like that?


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