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Subject: Re: [docbook] DTD from extended RNC

On 2018-05-21 16:11, Peter Flynn wrote:
On 21/05/18 14:42, maxwell wrote:
FWIW, we had an analogous problem: we want to produce PDFs from XML
documents about linguistics.  We chose DocBook as the base, and got rid of a ton of things in the RNG/RNC that were irrelevant to our use case,
then added a few that we needed for linguistics.

FWIW I'm curious to know why you didn't pick TEI, as it was designed
expressly to have linguistic markup.

I'm not sure I remember now, that was a long time ago. I suspect it had to do with the availability of wysiwym editors for DocBook (we chose XMLmind), the availability of relatively recent means of converting DocBook XML to LaTeX (dblatex; there is discussion of a TEI XML-to-LaTeX converter, I see, but it doesn't appear to be maintained), and a feeling (on my part) that TEI was too kitchen sink (although from my perspective DocBook suffers that as well, just to a lesser degree).

It's quite possible that none of these reasons is good; if so, it's my fault, because I was the one investigating alternatives. I do plead that I was quite rushed.

   Mike Maxwell

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