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Subject: Re: [docbook] Why does <menuchoice> support multiple <guimenuitem> elements?

On 21/07/2020 08:57, David O'Brien wrote:
I have a question about the following:

GUIMenuItem identifies a terminal selection from a menu in a
graphical user interface. In particular, this is distinct from a menu
(GUIMenu) and a submenu (GUISubmenu). The distinction between a
GUIMenuItem and a GUISubmenu is simply whether or not the selection
is terminal or leads to an additional submenu.*


If a GUIMenuItem is terminal, shouldn't there be only one? Our
writers regularly include >1 inside <menuchoice> but we don't get any
validation errors. What did I miss?

What would concern me more is why the authors are including more than one item. Perhaps they believe that GUIMenuItem is for representing all the items available n the menu at a certain level, and they may therefore be puzzled as to why there isn't an option to say "here are the items you will see displayed â just click the one saying 'Blort'"


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