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Subject: Updated nested renewed timestamps

> Action 05-03-21-2: Dimitry update optional nested timestamps extension to
> time-stamping profile (revision to action 05-02-28-03)

Attached is the updated proposal for the nested renewed timestamps 
based on some input from Nick.  Only the contents of sections 
of the timestamping profile affected by the track changes 
have been included in the attached Word document.
The previous timestamp is now specified in the new XML timestamp 
as an additional <ds:Signature>/<ds:Object> element of the newly 
generated timestamp, that is, as a sibling of 
the <ds:Signature>/<ds:Object> containing the <TSTInfo> 
(as opposed to as a sibling of <TstInfo> within the same 
<ds:Signature>/<ds:Object> in the earlier proposal).  
Thoughts requested on whether this is compatible with the current 
text in Core Section 5.1.1 (XML Timestamp Token).



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