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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] Re: [ebxml-bp] Closing the gap between MSI and BSI andmove on

Hi Duane,

Good to see you :)

So you say:

"Abstract = BSI"
"Concrete = MS, CPA and BPSS"

no concrete BSI? ;)

So you say a MS takes care of the BPSS?


Am Freitag, den 04.02.2005, 12:21 -0800 schrieb Duane Nickull:
> Monica J. Martin wrote:
> >>
> > mm1: David, I would suggest we have some clear boundaries before 
> > engaging ebSOA team. Some of the discussion surrounds assumptions 
> > about the role of the MSI or BSI should be clarified by the 
> > experienced parties and experts involved from ebBP and ebMS teams (not 
> > to say there are not experts in ebSOA). Thanks.
> Monica:
> Those groups are where a lot of FUD comes from surrounding the BSI.  
> Some people actually stated they believed the BSI was concrete and hence 
> not an abstract artifact.
> Abstract = BSI
> Concrete = MS, CPA and BPSS
> Duane

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