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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] <resourceDesc> (aka Issue #32)

At 10:58 AM -0500 12/2/03, Eliot Christian wrote:
>Now, I am no longer clear whether this text is meant to describe
>the "resource file" (e.g., "photo of the kidnapped child") or
>the "resource" itself (e.g., "10 year old child with blond hair").

Good point, although I'm thinking it may depend on circumstances.  In 
your photo example it might be possible to provide a quick verbal 
summary of the content (I'd add whether it was a boy or a girl, 
possibly) but for a richer resource... a map or a document or some 
sort of BLOB... the description would probably be more abstract. 
Anyway, the substantive details should appear in the <description> 

Alan's analogy to <alt> tags in HTML is pretty much on the mark, I 
think... and that same ambiguity occurs there.

- Art

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