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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Agenda: 2/10 Call

Hi Allen, et all,

I'll be on the call, fates willing. On 2, I'm willing and on 8, the 
originial emails are all available in public-comment archives and TC 
list archives for specific issues which can be looked up if desired, 
and uploading the final edit on the Issues List Document along with 
minutes and votes should be sufficient.


At 4:10 PM -0500 2/9/04, R. Allen Wyke wrote:
>1. New Orleans F2F: information regarding our meeting time was 
>posted to the list last week 
>Be SURE to hurry up and register, as we want to make this a VERY 
>successful F2F to lead the EM TC into 2004!
>2. CAP 1.0 Movement to OASIS Standard: per the results of our ballot 
>we are moving forward with submitting the CAP 1.0 Committee Draft to 
>OASIS for review and candidacy to being an OASIS Standard. There are 
>10 things that we must do, which I will quickly update here and put 
>on our agenda. In summary, we need to take care of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8.
>1) Spec: Done
>2) Summary: I would propose we simply take the Abstract out of the 
>spec. We will need to decide tomorrow.
>3) Relationship to Other Standards: need to discuss - asked if Rex 
>would lead effort if he can.
>4) Cert by 3 Organizations: we have 1 from PPW already 
>but need 2 more from the other Member organizations 
>Art provided some additional details as to what this means 
>5) Comments/Issues Resolutions: 
>6) Vote on Final (post edits) CAP 1.0 Committee Draft: we need to do 
>this tomorrow.
>7) Pointer to Prior Votes: Just sent this out - hasn't saved to the 
>archives yet, so I could not provide a link in this email.
>8) Pointer to Public Comments: asked Walid to help here. *May* only 
>need to provide link to list, and not specific issues. Rex, are you 
>familiar by any chance?
>9) Statement from Chair Certifying Members Provided IPR Policy: Sent 
>out last week 
>- no issues providing statement.
>10) Minority Reports: I just sent out an email with links to these as well.
>3. IF SC Update: missed Rick on the last call. Per agenda item 5 for 
>1/27 call 
>was looking for a summary of each work and how they all fit together.
>4. MSG SC Update: specifically thoughts around ICS 201. When we last 
>Rex had a comment about us being a "little presumptuous" in taking 
>this on. Looking for a defendable, no matter which way it goes 
>(forward or stop), recommendation from SC. Need to understand how 
>NIMS fits in there as well.
>5. GIS SC Update: no formal action items, but any update on the 
>registry stuff from last call 
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Rex Brooks
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