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Subject: CAP alerts as a Web Feature Service

I am building an OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) for CAP version 1.0 alerts, 
as I believe this is the open standard way to link CAP messages to a map. 
If anyone has such a thing already running, please let me know!

In making the Geographic Markup Language (GML) conversion needed for WFS, I 
am starting from the 
Note: CAP Alert Messages as a GML FeatureCollection at 

This Implementors Note is about two years old and concerns the use of GML 
in the context of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). Hopefully, the "Points of 
Agreement" in this Implementors Note are still valid, but the recommended 
XML Schema, "alerts.xsd", should be updated from CAP version 0.9 to version 
1.0. Also, the schema given in the Implementors Note is based on GML 
version 2 and we'd like to be current with whatever is the most widely 
deployed version of GML.

Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated!


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