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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] RE: Update: Re: [emergency] FW: IPAWS Profile Discrepancy

If I am not mistaken, we explicitly chose not to create a IPAWS  
profile schema separate from CAP 1.2.  Reaso ing was that most of the  
IPAWS rules could not be enforced by schema anyway. They are primarily  
content as opposed to structure rules.

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On Mar 10, 2010, at 1:06 PM, Jacob Westfall<jake@jpw.biz> wrote:

>> Since when did the profile schema disappear?  (Apparently, it
>> disappeared right after PR02.  Maybe the better question is why did  
>> it
>> disappear so silently and no one update the definition of "Profile"  
>> in
>> the document?)
> The Public Review 01 and 02 documents for the IPAWS Profile do not  
> state that an applicable Profile Schema is available nor required.   
> PR02 went out with a sample CAP 1.2 schema, which was not yet a  
> published standard, reflecting the state of 1.2 at that time, in  
> order to illustrate the Profile's change from CAP 1.1 to 1.2 as the  
> base.  Ideally 1.2 would have already been approved and the profile/ 
> cart wouldn't have come before the 1.2/horse.  Unfortunately thats  
> the situation we're in and if this caused any confusion it's  
> regrettable.  The joys of being an early adopter...
> In section 1.3 Terminology, I don't think the definition of Profile  
> needs to be updated today as its pretty clear.  Its a generic  
> description of a Profile, which may or may not, have its own  
> schema.  If there was a schema created, then this definition  
> illustrates how it should relate to the original, but doesn't state  
> that one has been created officially for this particular profile.   
> There is the option of someone creating their own unofficial schema  
> that incorporates some of the profile's restrictions as long as it  
> follows these guidelines.  As more profiles are created, this  
> definition could certainly be revisited.
> The key section is 3.2 Conformance which says a profile message must  
> be valid according to CAP 1.2 and the additional requirements in  
> Section 2 of the Profile.
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> jake@jpw.biz
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