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Subject: FYI Only: CSA's Identity Architecture Effort

Hi. Just an fyi, if anyone wants to keep tabs on the Cloud Security
Alliance's "Identiy Architecture" activities, they are restarting their
efforts as per note below.

(CSA is free, via LinkedIn.) 

Best regards,

From: Subra K <subra.k@gmail.com> 
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 09:45:21 -0800
To: <tciarch@cloudsecurityalliance.org>; Pamela
Dingle<pamela@bonsaiidentity.com>; Jain, Vikas<vikas.jain@intel.com>

Subject: Restarting the TCI Identity Arch track

Hello Folks,

We have been hibernating and now that spring is out in most part of the
world (at least snow is disappearing), we are going to kick off a brand new
"sprint" next Wed at 9.00 am PT slot. There are coupe of new members from
PingIdentity and Intel who are interested in contributing for the
deliverables from this session.

Meanwhile, i'll upload all the docs that small working group has been fine
tuning ( Thanks to Yvonne Wilson, Rajiv Mishra, Anish Mohammed, Tuhin Kumar
for the contributions) 

IMO, Identity/Access mgmt in the cloud has become a very important control
and topic for managing risks in the cloud, hence community is very
interested and anxious in understanding reference architecture, tools at
their disposal, best practice to make sure risks are mitigated

Will email the concall details etc in the next couple of days. For now
please mark your calendar. 



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