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Subject: Re: [id-cloud] FYI Only: CSA's Identity Architecture Effort

   feel free to be our liaison.


On 03/09/2011 02:41 PM, Michele Drgon-DataProbity wrote:
> Hi. Just an fyi, if anyone wants to keep tabs on the Cloud Security
> Alliance's "Identiy Architecture" activities, they are restarting their
> efforts as per note below.
> (CSA is free, via LinkedIn.)
> Best regards,
> Michele
> ________________________________________
> From: Subra K<subra.k@gmail.com>
> Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 09:45:21 -0800
> To:<tciarch@cloudsecurityalliance.org>; Pamela
> Dingle<pamela@bonsaiidentity.com>; Jain, Vikas<vikas.jain@intel.com>
> Subject: Restarting the TCI Identity Arch track
> Hello Folks,
> We have been hibernating and now that spring is out in most part of the
> world (at least snow is disappearing), we are going to kick off a brand new
> "sprint" next Wed at 9.00 am PT slot. There are coupe of new members from
> PingIdentity and Intel who are interested in contributing for the
> deliverables from this session.
> Meanwhile, i'll upload all the docs that small working group has been fine
> tuning ( Thanks to Yvonne Wilson, Rajiv Mishra, Anish Mohammed, Tuhin Kumar
> for the contributions)
> IMO, Identity/Access mgmt in the cloud has become a very important control
> and topic for managing risks in the cloud, hence community is very
> interested and anxious in understanding reference architecture, tools at
> their disposal, best practice to make sure risks are mitigated
> appropriately.
> Will email the concall details etc in the next couple of days. For now
> please mark your calendar.
> Thanks
> --Subra

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