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Subject: Re: [ocpp] Groups - OCPP Device Management Profile proposal uploaded

Hi Andres,

You are free to define your own Variables. So if you want, you could create your own Variable: UseDhcpForNetworkAddress? or something like that? Of more people think this is a good idea we could even add this to OCPP as Default Variable in the appendix. 
When this flag is set to true, I would make Clock.NetworkAddress read-only, and show to address provided by DHCP. Might be usefull for the Central System to be able to see which NTP server is being used.

Kind regards,
Robert de Leeuw

Hoge Ham 85
5104 JC Dongen

John F. Kennedylaan 3
5555 XC Valkenswaard

T: +31 6 2857 2123
E: robert.de.leeuw@ihomer.nl

2016-11-11 12:22 GMT+01:00 Anders Darander <anders@chargestorm.se>:

* Robert de Leeuw <robert.de.leeuw@ihomer.nl> [161111 11:13]:

> I have just uploaded a new revision of the Device Management Profile proposal.
> Most of it is done, some minor open items (marked TODO)

As we've been discussing time a little bit recently, I've one remark on
the DM profile.

Clock.NetworkAddress can list an NTP-server for time synchronization.

1) If no NTP-server exists Clock.NetworkAddress, how is that one
represented? NonExisting är some other values? (It might very well
happen that I need to go back and read the full OCPP spec for this).

2) There could be occasions when you want the CP to use NTP, but you
want a DHCP-server to supply the NTP-server address. We need a value to
indicate that situation, e.g. Clock.NetworkAddress=dhcp or auto?


Anders Darander         Senior System Architect
ChargeStorm AB          Tel: +46 702 44 84 36
Hospitalsgatan 3        E-mail: anders@chargestorm.se
602 27 Norrköping       Web: www.chargestorm.se

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