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Subject: More naughty words (ODF all versions)

Dear all,

The following are not likely to survive in normative text:

* "basic" as an informal adjective (e.g. "the following basic rules
apply" 12.1)

* "it's" (should become "it is", and definitely not used as a possessive
in e.g. "identifies the object within it's container" in 18.73.3 etc

* "has to" (e.g. "a dollar sign ($) has to be placed before each table
name" -- this shall become "shall"

* "normal" as an informal adjective (e.g. "[t]his attribute controls
whether the object is displayed as a normal sub document" 19.105)

* "one" as a pronoun standing for an imaginary developer (e.g. "If one
places the images iteratively, until a position is found which
corresponds to the given offset from the anchor, one can often achieve a
placement that fully satisfy all the given layout formatting properties"
19.173) (also the "often" here is bad)

* "approximately" in informal usage (e.g. "all characters with this
attribute value that immediately follow each other are displayed within
two lines of approximately the same length" 19.355)

* "whether or not" -> "whether" (generally) (e.g. "These groups specify
whether or not to repeat a row or column on the next page" 8.1)

* "is allowed to" -> "may" (e.g. "[t]he db:is-empty-allowed attribute
specifies whether a column is allowed to contain empty values" 18.61)

* "it is recommended" should be re-cast around "should" (e.g. in "it is
recommended that vector graphics are stored in the [SVG] format and
bitmap graphics in the [PNG] format" 9.4.4)

- Alex.

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