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Subject: Bookmarks (ODF all versions)

Dear all,

5.2 has:

Bookmarks can either mark a text position or a text range. A text range can start at any text position and end at another text position. A bookmark can start in the middle of one paragraph and end in the middle of another paragraph.

This implies there is a difference between bookmarks (which *can* start and end in the *middle* of two paragraphs), and a text range (which *can* start and end at any 'text position').


* What is a 'text position': can a bookmark start/end in any text content? Really?

* Or are bookmarks constrained to start/end in 'paragraphs' - does that mean in the <text:p> element?

* There is no testable, normative description here - so in fact are the use of bookmarks completely unconstrained?

Clarification please ...

- Alex.

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