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Subject: Relative paths in packages manifest (ODF 1.0/1.1)

Dear all,

ODF 1.1 has (s17.5):

A relative-path reference (as described in 6.5 of [RFC3987]) that occurs in a file that is contained in a package has to be resolved exactly as it would be resolved if the whole package gets unzipped into a directory at its current location.

So, within the manifest.xml file, a reference to content.xml in the parent directory of the META-INF directory would have to be "../content.xml". Correct?

I haven't checked them all, but so far I haven't found an implementation that conforms to this provision. Instead, implementations appear to assume that the paths in the manifest are relative to the package root.

This may be a case where the spec can be usefully brought into line with implementations.

In ODF 1.2 you need to clarify (and re-word) this, and correct the description of the manifest:full-path attribute (BTW, is a draft of Part 3 of ODF 1.2 available?)

- Alex.

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