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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Key Issues

> =SUM(StringToNum([.A2]);[.B3]);

I don't think that auto-appending that "StringToNum" is a good idea,
but that would be for another discussion, I guess.

> I don't see that at all. We create a file and specify what the output of
> the spreadsheet should be.

Hmm. Yeah. If we only distribute tests in a spreadsheets, then this is
sufficient, although I still would like to see recommendations on
this, to make users less confused from switching over. This probably
isn't our main goal, hence not that much of a high priority though, if
this is the case.

However, the current wiki shows direct formula syntax for the
testcases, in user-visible syntax. If we go for this, we will not be
able to include these, or will have to write them there in storage
format. Not so sure if I like it.

/ Tomas

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