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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Syntax issues

Eike Rathke wrote:
> This is a special case though. It does not hold when Name2 is defined as
> [Sheet2.A1] because following that example it would had to translate to
> [Sheet1.Sheet2.A1]
Well, we could define the conventions so that it wasn't interpreted that 

This is an interesting set of special cases. Do either of you want to try to
write a paragraph defining what you THINK the semantics should be?
I see two issues:
 * Name is global scope vs. sheet-local scope
 * Cell reference has no sheet name vs. has a sheet name
     (I don't think it matters for calculation whether or not the sheet name
      or cell reference is absolute or not, just like normal references it
      doesn't matter - esp. because names include their base.)

I with Eike that sheet-copying is out-of-scope strictly speaking, but that
it'd be a good idea to include some sort of note mentioning what is expected
to happen (since it would reduce user surprise).

--- David A. Wheeler

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