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Subject: Re: [office-requirements] Requirements meeting of Nov 18

Hi Marcus

2008/11/28 Marcus Lange <Marcus.Lange@sun.com>
Bob Jolliffe wrote:
Regarding the mailto: suggestion, this is what I have found:
I can either generate an email with the subject or with the body prepopulated, but not both.  Which means we can either:
(1) inject REQUIREMENTS into the subject line and provide a simple template to be cut-and-paste into the body
(2) auto-insert the template into the body and request the user enter REQUIREMENTS in the subject line.

I think (1) would be better, but I'm open to suggestions.  We will want to provide a simple template either way as the mailto: link will not necessarily work with popular web based mail client software.

Hi Bob,

Maybe we should also take into account what will happen when the user missed to add the subject term or body:

Missing "REQUIREMENTS" term in the subject line:

The mail won't be directed to us and is maybe going somewhere else or in worst case it is lost. IMHO this is not acceptable.

This was also what I was thinking.   Mind you if the body was pre-formatted it would also be possible to grep these mails out of the bunch on the basis of key(s) in the body text.  So far as requirements SC is concerned the risk of losing them would be quite low.  But I am also looking at cutting down the pollution of requirements comments in amongst other comments for the rest of the TC. Anyone monitoring the list and NOT interested in requirements will easily recognize and ignore them by the subject line.


Missing body text:

The mail is coming to us but without information. IMHO not that bad because we have the senders mail address and can contact him to ask him to resend his mail.

Therefore I also would go the way with point 1.

Best regards

Marcus Lange

Program Manager
StarOffice Engineering
Sun Microsystems GmbH

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