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Subject: [office] Editing the Specification

Hello all,

One of the editor's action item was to prepare the specification 
documents for editing. The current idea is to use CVS to store the 
specification as OOo XML. The advantage is that the current state is 
always accessible to all TC members, and also everyone can make chances 
in a controlled fashion.

I have attached an OOo file with a very first draft of our spec. It only 
contains the definition of the top level elements that we talked about. 
The descriptions are mostly cut-and-paste from the base specification, 
but updated to reflect the changes we made and appended by the 
appropriate Relax-NG definitions. Obviously, this is just a rough draft, 
but I think it shows where we're heading. Also, the attachment is still 
ZIP-packaged XML; this needs to be plain XML for CVS.

I have also done a little XSLT script that you can use to extract the 
Relax-NG snippets from the specification to generate a working Relax-NG 
schema for the format.

I.e., execute something like
   unzip -p proposal-0.sxw | xsltproc --novalid extract.xsl -
   [using libxml2's xsltproc and InfoZIPs unzip]
to get the Relax-NG schema.
Note that the Relax-NG schema refers to the previously posted 
automatically generated Relax-NG for some definitions.


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