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Subject: Re: [office] Clarifications

Hello Phil,

> Can someone describe the difference between text and text-global?

'text-global' documents refer to other documents for inclusion; they are 
not self-contained. 'text' documents can (via sections) also include 
other documents, but then the content is always copied into the 
document, so that the resulting doc is self-contained.

The OOo application treats those a little different in that it offers a 
few different tools when editing 'text-global' docs.

> Do we want a office:image genre that contains just a draw:image? While
> this can be done by putting a single draw:image under office:drawing it
> is often interesting and valuable to differentiate between a drawing and
> a single image as early as possible when processing a document.

Hmm, well, I half see the point. :-)

If one has only a single image (as in .jpg image), then why would one 
want to wrap it in an XML office document?


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