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Subject: Re: [office] Fwd: [odf-devel] ODF & ITS


thanks Daniel. I was having this problem in mind but also some problems
appear or may appear in some slavic languages as well.


> Dave Pawson wrote:
>> The encoding has little, if anything, to do with the rendition
>> of glyphs.
> Yes. In theory it has nothing to do, but I think Charles might be
> thinking of the Han unification "controversy" in Unicode. CJK languages
> have characters in common which are written with different glyphs in
> each language. So, seemingly distinct objects map to the same character.
> What is supposed to happen is that if you know you're reading Japanese
> you should choose the glyph that is common in that language. But some
> people haven't realised this and complained that unicode wrecks their
> characters ("this is not my name!") where the issue is really with the
> font/glyph.

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