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Subject: Re: [office] Bi-directional text.

> I think that the problem might be due to the fact, that a) there is no 
> explicit section in OpenDocument describing all bidi functions and b) 
> the functionality is a combinations of attributes defined in 
> OpenDocument and mechanisms specified in unicode. It's hard to keep 
> track of things that way. Maybe a set of examples and their appropriate 
> coding in OpenDocument would be a useful resource for implementors as 
> well as evaluators of the OpenDocument standard. Any volunteers?> 
> All the Best,
> /lars

I didn't specifically check CTL/RTL/VTL cases, as I was more focused on 
some eastern european encodings, but maybe we should let the members of 
this TC who come from Asia see how the ODF handles the CTL encodings?


Associť / Partner,
Ars Aperta.

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