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Subject: Re: [office] accessibility caption proposal comments

On 05/06/06, Bruce D'Arcus <bruce.darcus@opendocument.us> wrote:

> Anyway, to get to my point on the caption proposal, I recognize that
> adding an attribute link is a fairly painless solution, but I also
> think it's not a good long-term one, not only because it will conflict
> with the efforts of the metadata SC.

How please Bruce?

> My suggestion would instead be to use natural containment, and to add a
> caption element to ODF 1.2; e.g.
> <text:p>
>     <draw:frame>  <!-- outer frame -->
>       <draw:text-box>
>         <draw:frame>
>           <draw:image>
>             <office:binary-data>picture data
> here....</office:binary-data>
>             <text:caption>Caption Text</text:caption>
>           </draw:image>
>         </draw:frame>
>       </draw:text-box>
>     </draw:frame>
> </text:p>

That infers association. ours presents it as direct, stated.
How do you see one as better than the other?


Dave Pawson

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