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Subject: Re: [office] Index, Combining Entries, pp and passim

On 16/11/06, Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net> wrote:

> > If you could name a reference that applies equally to all nations
> > I guess that would apply.
> >
> I don't know of any reference that applies to all nations but,
> conceptually I don't see how scattered references to XML on pages 45,
> 46, 47, 48 could be represented as "XML 45pp" given the absence of an
> end point for the references.

that's a different issue from quoting a single nation reference as
the reason to change how  bib references are handled.
Are you saying that '45pp' is an idref, or that 45pp is the text content
for the bib/index reference?

> I don't doubt that other indexing systems exist for denoting ranges that
> contain references for an index entry. I would be interested in learning
> of any widely used system that denotes a range of references with only
> the starting point of the range.

The bib system users have been fighting this for years and have a number
of solutions. If Bruce is listening I'm surprised he hasn't come up with
ready solutions. I think he's coded this class of problem in XSLT.

If not, he's on the metadata group.


Dave Pawson

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