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Subject: Re: [office] Index, Combining Entries, pp and passim

On Nov 17, 2006, at 2:52 AM, Dave Pawson wrote:

>> I don't know of any reference that applies to all nations but,
>> conceptually I don't see how scattered references to XML on pages 45,
>> 46, 47, 48 could be represented as "XML 45pp" given the absence of an
>> end point for the references.
> that's a different issue from quoting a single nation reference as
> the reason to change how  bib references are handled.

I've not really been following this, but I think all Patrick is saying 
is that the string he references makes no sense, in any nation. It 
should be "XML 45-48" or "XML, pp. 45-48".

>> I don't doubt that other indexing systems exist for denoting ranges 
>> that
>> contain references for an index entry. I would be interested in 
>> learning
>> of any widely used system that denotes a range of references with only
>> the starting point of the range.
> The bib system users have been fighting this for years and have a 
> number
> of solutions. If Bruce is listening I'm surprised he hasn't come up 
> with
> ready solutions. I think he's coded this class of problem in XSLT.

The problem I was focused on is different: how to do complex 
bibliographic formatting configuration (more complex than what is 
possible in ODF currently) in language-neutral XML such that radically 
changing presentation just involves choosing a different style file.

I don't think Patrick's looking for that though (?).


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