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Subject: Re: [office] Index, Combining Entries, pp and passim

Patrick Durusau said:
> > That doesn't look right so I checked in the 15th Edition of the Chicago
> > Manual of Style,

Dave Pawson:
> If you could name a reference that applies equally to all nations
> I guess that would apply.

I may be misunderstanding this comment, but in my mind,
any indexing system must be flexible enough to handle
the UNION of all common manuals of style.
Whether they apply to every nation or not.

The SCHEMA should apply equally to all nations, YES.
But that means that the schema must be sufficiently
flexible to capture the needs of every nation - and different
nations (and communities) have different needs.
A list of "common styles" and some complicated samples
might be a good idea, because it's important that the
resulting schema be able to handle ALL of them.

--- David A. Wheeler

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