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Subject: Re: [office] Index, Combining Entries, pp and passim

On 17/11/06, David A. Wheeler <dwheeler@dwheeler.com> wrote:
> Patrick Durusau said:
> > > That doesn't look right so I checked in the 15th Edition of the Chicago
> > > Manual of Style,
> Dave Pawson:
> > If you could name a reference that applies equally to all nations
> > I guess that would apply.
> I may be misunderstanding this comment, but in my mind,
> any indexing system must be flexible enough to handle
> the UNION of all common manuals of style.
> Whether they apply to every nation or not.

Yes, My comment related to choosing one countries style manual
as definitive. I agree with your aims here David.

> The SCHEMA should apply equally to all nations, YES.
> But that means that the schema must be sufficiently
> flexible to capture the needs of every nation - and different
> nations (and communities) have different needs.
> A list of "common styles" and some complicated samples
> might be a good idea, because it's important that the
> resulting schema be able to handle ALL of them.

Which is where I turned to Bruce. I think he's given this area far
more thought and read far more widely than I.


Dave Pawson

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