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Subject: Re: [office] Adding support for "em" measurements


Dave Pawson wrote:

> On 20/02/07, Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net> wrote:
>> David,
>> Should have checked my email archives *before* hitting the send button.
>> The concern is not with "em" but with "pt."
>> As reported by my friend Martin Bryan from the UK:
>> >Also I'm a printer, so the term pt raises a rag to a bull. Do you mean
>> >1/72nd of an inch used in modern copires, the Anglo/American point 
>> used in
>> >printing in the US and UK or the European Diderot point?
> Since that is another fixed size unit which is wholly screen dependent
> I'd support dropping pt support, as per other specs.
Err, "wholly screen dependent"?

I understand that it is a printing measurement.

I don't think it is a question of "dropping pt support" as much as it is 
enabling users to register the choices they made for printing of the 
material. Yes?

Hope you are having a great day!


Patrick Durusau
Chair, V1 - Text Processing: Office and Publishing Systems Interface
Co-Editor, ISO 13250, Topic Maps -- Reference Model
Member, Text Encoding Initiative Board of Directors, 2003-2005

Topic Maps: Human, not artificial, intelligence at work! 

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