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Subject: Question regarding user expectance.

Dear Adoption TC members,

I write to this list to get some feedback about question which arose in the OpenDocument TC.

Followed by a long discussion about text:numbered-paragraphs/text:lists the following question was raised by one of the
OpenDocument TC members Thomas Zander who represents KWord:

The interesting question is
Basic question;
Given two different implementations of ODF, which have different ways to internally do numbering. Are they in violation
of the spec if they show different numbers for the list-items ?

My initial response was that the answer is YES; the users want to have the same numbers in different applications.
However after thinking a little bit about it I found this problem very much related to the user requirement that e.g.
page breaks should be the same across applications --- which basically means that ODF must describe exactly how page
breaks are computed. (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200703/msg00253.html)

So is there some feedback from the Adoption TC; especially regarding user expectance? And maybe a little advice to the
OpenDocument TC?

Thanks very much,


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