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Subject: Re: [office] ODF 1.2 - encryption of document les metadata


Sorry if this is a daft question.  Has anybody done analysis to determine if
the schema/instance packaging structure allows someone to write a conforming
application capable of encrypting a document yet leave the metadata


On 8/20/07 12:50 AM, "Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg"
<Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM> wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> Dave Pawson wrote:
>> On 17/08/07, Malte Timmermann <Malte.Timmermann@sun.com> wrote:
>>> While working on adding a Digital Signatures specification to ODF 1.2, I
>>> stumbled over the fact that I need to know if a document is v1.2 or
>>> older, because the specification is a little bit different to the
>>> implementation we have right now in OpenOffice.org.
>>> Of course I can add the version info to the signatures stream, but I
>>> wonder if this isn't something that should be available "globally" via
>> I can remember asking for the schema version to be added to an instance.
>> I *thought* that had been accepted.
>> Isn't it available Malte? I think it was an attribute on the root element.
>> If missing, presume prior to 1.2
> The OpenDocument specification actually defines multiple schemas. The
> version attribute exists for the schemas used for the content.xml,
> styles.xml, meta.xml and settings.xml. But right now, it does not exist
> for the schema used by the META-INF/manifest.xml stream, and it does not
> exist for the schema used by the new META-INF/documentsignatures.xml stream.
> Best regards
> Michael
>> regards

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