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Subject: Re: [office] proposal for ODF 1.2: extension of vertical relationvalues for certain anchor types

Dear TC members,

finally after the solution of my problems to post to the mailing list I 
can post the information I have already given in yesterday's TC call.

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software Engineer - Sun Microsystems wrote:
 > Dear TC members,
 > I would like to propose the following extension for ODF 1.2:
 > Allow vertical relations "page" and "page-content" for anchor types
 > "paragraph" and "char" - see "Table 16 - Vertical Relation values" in
 > ODF 1.2 specification, draft 7, second edition - file
 > "OpenDocument-v1.2-v7-02.odt".
 > These vertical position combination are possible in OpenOffice.org
 > since version 2.0.
 > They are needed to have objects (text frames, graphics, embedded
 > objects and drawing objects) anchor to a certain content (paragraph or
 > character), but be vertical positioned relative to the page areas.
 > E.g., a graphic explaining a certain word of a paragraph always
 > vertical positioned at the bottom of the page, on which the word is
 > on.

Some word about the backward compatibility of my proposed extension:

There exist no backward compatibility issue regarding the ODF schema. 
The current restriction that certain vertical relations are only allowed 
for certain anchor types is expressed in prose not in any XML or related 
formal language.

Applications, which only support ODF 1.0 or ODF 1.1, can in general not 
handle the new proposed combinations of vertical relation and anchor 
type. I assume that these applications will fall back to an application 
dependent default combination of vertical relation and anchor type. From 
my point of view the expected impact on the rendered document in an only 
ODF 1.0/1.1 supporting application is, that the object is not at the 
same position as in an ODF 1.2 supporting application. I do not expect 
any data loss.

Best regards, Oliver.

Sun Microsystems GmbH    Oliver-Rainer Wittmann
Nagelsweg 55             Software Engineer - OpenOffice.org/StarOffice
20097 Hamburg
Germany                  Fax:   (+49 40) 23 646 550
http://www.sun.de        mailto:oliver-rainer.wittmann@sun.com
Sitz der Gesellschaft:
Sun Microsystems GmbH, Sonnenallee 1, D-85551 Kirchheim-Heimstetten
Amtsgericht Muenchen: HRB 161028
Geschaeftsfuehrer: Thomas Schroeder, Wolfgang Engels, Dr. Roland Boemer
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates: Martin Haering

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann (od) - OpenOffice.org Writer
OpenOffice.org Engineering at Sun: http://blogs.sun.com/GullFOSS

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